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New Orleans Canvas Magazine has been created to showcase the unique talents of varying visual artists who develop the colorful atmosphere of our city. These individuals range from established gallery artists to the best known and highly innovative underground, photography, mural, sculptural, and illustrative artists and artisans this city has to offer. We, the editors, would like to invite you to help create this magazine by generously lending your financial support.

​My name is Erin McNutt and I am a founder of this magazine along with my friend and fellow artist Kristof Corvinus. We are looking to establish a way to promote other visual artists here in the New Orleans area. We especially want to profile talented artists who are not getting enough professional attention.

​Kristof and I are currently running the operations of the business out of my house in Uptown New Orleans. As anyone who’s ever run a kitchen-table business would attest, at some point it is necessary to secure a dedicated office space to increase productivity. We are eager to have the ability to hire other professionals as needed to grow this business. Right now the two of us are doing all of the jobs it takes to start a visual art magazine. There is a need in New Orleans for a magazine that serves the visual art community. One that promotes the visual arts promoted as heavily as music is promoted here in New Orleans.

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