Winter 2019 Letter from the Editor

Welcome to New Orleans Canvas Magazine for Winter 2019. As the New Year begins in New Orleans, the whole city is preparing for another Carnival season. Local artists are working hard to create floats, sets and costumes, in order to take advantage of the many creative and financial opportunities that occur during this time of year. And with the recent proliferation of all-female Krewes and marching groups, it’s clear that more and more women are taking advantage of those opportunities!

In the same spirit, this issue is unique for our magazine as it marks the first time we’ve profiled more female artists than male artists in a single issue.

Midori Tajiri-Byrd was photographed by Pamela Reed for the cover of this issue. Midori is a Makeup Artist and Costume Designer who has also excelled in many different mediums throughout her career. Pamela has once again done an exceptional job creating portraits of all of our artists and we can’t thank her enough.

This issue also features in-depth interviews with two self-taught painters: Jim Sohr and Isabelle Jacopin. Jim, who taught himself to paint while serving time in Angola Penitentiary, paints wildy Surrealistic pieces. And Isabelle is a French New Impressionist who taught herself to paint before she relocated to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

There’s also a very engrossing interview with award-winning multimedia photojournalist Julie Dermansky. Julie discusses how she’s inspired to record and report on issues regarding climate change and social injustice.

Also, Chef Leah Chase graciously allowed us to visit with her in Dooky Chase Restaurant and take pictures of her collection of African American Art . Leah talked with us at length about her many friendships with notable African American artists throughout her lifetime.

We hope you enjoy this issue and we are looking forward to bringing you more in-depth interviews of New Orleans visual artists in the future!


Erin McNutt

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