Summer 2018 Letter from the Editor

Welcome to the first Summer issue of New Orleans Canvas Magazine! The return of hot tropical days of Summer in New Orleans also ushers in another hurricane season. This is also the period when many of our local artists take time to replenish their inventories and refocus after a series of Spring Festivals.

This is an especially interesting issue because of the increased diversity of some of our artists. It is the first issue where we have managed to profile an equal ratio of female artists to male artists. However, there are also some other similarities amongst the artists featured. We are very proud to note that three of our artists: Kim Bernadas, Madeleine Faust, and Tedd Walley are also local art instructors at different schools in the metro area. Another interesting observation is that we have featured two very successful self-taught artists: Jason Horton and Garland Robinette.

All of our artists are very accomplished and deserve to be recognized for their hard work and determination. Our cover artist, Jason Horton, creates fabulous, vibrant paintings of animals and is certain to have a bright future ahead of him. Kim Bernadas is one of only a few neoclassical portrait sculptors in our area who casts gorgeous life size bronze and ceramic sculptures. Madeleine Faust is also a talented sculptor whose main area of focus is contemporary abstract metal and ceramic sculpture. Mimi Levine is an academically trained painter from New York who creates pop art and believes in the importance of creating art that matters. Tedd Walley is a multi-talented Indie Comic artist, writer, and publisher whose creativity seems to know no limits. Finally, we were fortunate to interview Garland Robinette along with his wife Nancy Rhett in their home to discuss his exciting new life as a full-time artist and painter after years in the public eye in broadcasting.

We hope that you enjoy this latest issue and we are thrilled to see that our readership continues to grow. We plan on profiling other exciting artists in the future as well as offering new enhanced features for the visual arts community in the coming months.

With warmest regards,

Erin McNutt



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