Randy Jackson Discusses his Passion for Working with Artists and Collectors

Randy Lewis Jackson is a Fine Art Consultant based at Creason’s Gallery in New Orleans who focuses on representing Southern artists as well as building dynamic art collections for his clients. He has over fifteen years of experience  as an Art Dealer, Gallery Director, and Director of Corporate Client Development. Most importantly, Randy has a reputation among local artists as an honest and hard working art agent. He is the caliber of agent that the art community really needs in New Orleans.

(This article includes images by some of the artists that Randy Jackson currently represents)

Opposing Sides by John Swincinski
Encaustic on Wood 36″x36″

Originally from Atlanta, Randy graduated from Ole Miss with a Bachelors in Journalism and a double minor in  English Literature and Marketing. Eventually he moved to New Orleans where his career as a sales professional took off.

“I first lived in New Orleans from 1989 to 1991 and worked for George Bass in the Place St. Charles building. Ralph Lauren Corporation recruited me from George Bass and I was transferred first to Dallas and then New York. I worked for Ralph Lauren for 13 of the 16 years that I was in the fashion industry.

I moved back to New Orleans with the intention of starting a home accessories store. But before I was able to really get started building that business, I was contacted by Scott Novick and Jack Sutton. They owned the French Art Network, which, at the time, encompassed seven art galleries.

Untitled by Dianne Georgy
Acrylic on Canvas 48″x36″

I have been selling fine art for approximately 19 years. For almost 15 of those years, I worked for the French Art Network where the focus was primarily on heavily published and collected French painters.

I was the Director of Corporate Client Development at French Art Network for almost two years.I was very lucky to start my career in art sales with the French Art Network. They had a great group of clients and really took care of their artists.

Royal Tendency by Greg Creason
Acrylic, blown glass pieces, foil & resin on board mounted canvas
36″ x 36″

I didn’t really start working with artists until I met Jack Sutton from the French Art Network. My business experience was primarily in the fashion world. Since then I have been able to build up a huge client base as well as work with many amazing artists.

Expection by Vassilen Vassevski
Oil on Canvas 18″x24″

Several years ago, I left French Art Network because I wanted to go in a different direction. I had been very successful there, but I decided I wanted to refocus my efforts on promoting Mississippi and Louisiana artists. So I formed my own company, Randy Lewis Jackson Art Consultant.

New Orleans Dream by Maianne Canu
Oil on Canvas 24″x36″

The bottom line is that I am an art dealer. I work with corporate clients, private collectors, and interior designers by showing them the work of the the artists that I represent. I believe in developing long term relationships with clients because it creates repeat business and referral business.”

Acrylic on wood panel
30 x 30 inches

Randy currently represents an exciting group of artists that he has carefully selected based on his own research and discerning eye. Another reason he is so popular among local artists is the fact that he is willing to accept living and emerging artists into his roster. Randy is the perfect liaison between artists and collectors.

All God’s People Said Amen by Amy Sartin Carlisle.  Mixed Media on Wood Panel. 40″x30″

“The real focus for me is the artists I represent. Of course, I need the artists to create the work so I can sell it to my clients. But I love working with artists. My company is truly about developing artists. I have made some important and lasting friendships in the art community and I can’t imagine doing anything else. Artists should always be honored and celebrated in every way.”

Enduring Allure by Steve Martin
Acrylic on Canvas 72″x 48″

Randy uses proactive sales techniques and social media to promote each of his artists’ work. He also has relationships with three galleries here in New Orleans, which gives him the ability to sell what is on their floor.

Sometimes artists are a little shy about reaching out to Randy to ask him to look at their work. But the artists that I spoke to prior to interviewing him said that they were thankful to have him as a resource and adviser. There were even several that I spoke with, who aren’t represented by Randy, but said that he gave them valuable advice about marketing and selling their work.

Autumn Waits by Geza Brunnow
Gouache and Watercolor on Paper
15 1/2″ x 19 1/2″

” Every artist should know that they need to have a contract when working with a gallery or art dealer. An artist should have something in writing that outlines exactly where your work’s going, what’s going on with it, and what it’s being sold for.  This contract should also describe what the list price will be as well as the offering price. Furthermore, the contract also needs to describe an inventory of what the gallery or dealer is agreeing to sell and should stipulate the time frame that an artist should expect to be paid and how they are going to be promoted.

I am amazed at how many artists just hand their work to a gallery and have no record of it. ”

You can find Randy Jackson inside Creason’s Gallery in the French Quarter. Randy’s website can be found at  http://rljartconsultant.com or contact him directly at randy@rljartconsultant.com.




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