Letter from the Editor Winter 2018

Welcome to the second issue of New Orleans Canvas Magazine, or should I call it our “Second Line” issue? Winter in New Orleans means the whole city is gearing up for another Carnival season. Local artists and creative professionals are putting in overtime creating floats, sets and costumes, taking advantage of those spicy financial opportunities that occur during this singular time of year. The work produced for this annual city-wide party is truly amazing – just check out the incredible Zulu posters featured in this issue for one example!

New Orleans Canvas Magazine was very excited about all of the positive feedback received on our first issue and we hope you enjoy this second edition as much as the first. In this Winter 2018 issue, we’re privileged (and lucky) to have world renowned folk artist Dapper Bruce Lafitte, along with his daughter Bria, featured on our cover, as photographed by talented local photographer Pamela Reed.

We are also pleased and proud to introduce Pamela Reed as our official portrait photographer in this issue. Pamela has exceeded our highest expectations in photographing five of our featured artists in their studios and around town. She traveled all over the city and even marched at night with the Krewe of Skinz N’ Bonez in the Krampus parade to get amazing photos of featured artist Mardiclaw.

Another first for this issue is an article about a deceased New Orleans painter (Frank Wyley) written by his grandson. During the course of our interview with Iam Bennu, another featured artist (and creator of the aforementioned Zulu posters), we became aware of Iam’s grandfather Frank and his influence on Iam’s life and work. We’re honored that Iam was willing to write this article about his grandfather, giving us all the opportunity to become more aware of Frank Wyley’s artistic work and life. Thus there are two generations of artists from the same family profiled in one issue!

Also featured are rising talents Sean Friloux and Greg Creason. Sean Friloux is a fantastic local artist making his name as a landscape and portrait painter by capturing light and shadows. Greg Creason is another eye-opening artist who paints beautiful abstract and figurative works and is also the proprietor of his own gallery and store for artists in the French Quarter.

Additionally, this issue features an article by local attorney Lauren Rucinski addressing the Work for Hire Doctrine, an important subject for artists who might venture into commercial work. Knowing your rights and responsibilities before entering in to this sort of arrangement could prevent you from getting “burned” professionally.

Again, we hope you enjoy this Winter issue. Thanks again and again to the artists and other professionals who helped us put this all together. And for all of our “friends of” artist followers on Facebook and Instagram, keep on posting your amazing work. We’re your New Orleans Canvas.


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