About Us


Our Vision

New Orleans Canvas Magazine has been created to showcase the unique talents of visual artists who develop the colorful atmosphere of our city. They range from established gallery artists to the best known and highly innovative underground, photography, mural, sculptural, and illustrative artists and artisans this city has to offer.


Our Story

In the Fall of 2016, we had a conversation about the lack of promotional opportunities for talented visual artists here in New Orleans. We especially feel that there are limited opportunities for emerging artists. We would like to provide a way to give these artists the attention they deserve.

Meet the Team

New Orleans Canvas Magazine was founded by two local artists who want to make a difference for visual artists in the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan area.

Erin McNutt

Founder, Publisher, & Editor

Erin is a professional artist based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Before going back to art school she also earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of New Orleans and had a career in Financial Services.

To contact Erin for magazine related issues, please email her at erin@nolacanvasmagazine.com

To see view Erin’s work visit her website at



Pamela Reed

Photo Editor

Pamela is a professional photographer who specializes in portraiture and street photography here in New Orleans.  Pamela takes an artistic, non-traditional approach to photographing her subjects.  And, in addition to being an excellent photography, Pamela is also an accomplished horticulturist.


Next Steps…

Contact us if you would like to be profiled in our magazine or become one of our advertisers!